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Customized Treatments

ProSkin 60 – Customized 60 minute Skin Treatment

This is a completely customized treatment tailored to your skin the day you come in. Featuring advanced products, techniques and technologies, this treatment takes you on a relaxing journey to your best possible skin. Includes double cleanse, face mapping, resurfacing, extractions, touch therapy, deep treatment, and dermal layering and advanced modality. 60 minutes

Lux 90 – Extended 90 minute Skin Treatment

Take your time…extended 90 minute customized skin treatment with more time for extractions, additional modalities or masques to enhance the results of your treatment.

Additional modalities may include:

  • LED light therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Radiofrequency
  • High Frequency
  • Microcurrent
  • Oxygen Infusion

ProSkin 30 – Targeted 30 minute Skin Treatment

Each treatment starts with the Dermalogica Double cleanse, including Face Mapping, followed by your choice of one key treatment module and modalities for your top skin concern. The treatment module could be resurfacing, extractions, touch therapy or deep treatment depending on what your concern is. 30 minutes

Specialized Treatments

Multivitamin Power Facial

Brightening exfoliation, lifting and firming face massage. Brighten, tone, lift and firm the skin with a vitamin packed skin treatment including retinol, peptides, AHAs and a high performance, ultra-stable, micro encapsulated vitamin C. This powerful treatment will address the signs of skin aging and will include a red light LED collagen boost and/or firming algae masque. 75 minutes

PowerBright Skin Treatment

This powerful treatment utilizes Lactic Acid, peptides, and enzymes that help stimulate cell renewal and cell turnover rates while smoothing skin and improving texture. Brightens overall complexion, improves dullness, evens out skin tone and minimizes the appearance of hyperpigmentation (age spots, freckles, sun spots and scars) Recommended for thick, coarse, sun-damaged, or prematurely-aging skin. 60  minutes

Triple Crown Red Carpet Facial

Microdermabrasion, microcurrent lifting and oxygen infusion. This triple threat combination is perfect right before an event. No extractions unless desired. Buff, lift and oxygenate your skin into shape! 75 minutes.

UltraCalming Facial

Restore the skin’s pH balance and re-hydrate dull, dry skin, while soothing irritation and inflammation. Suitable for the most sensitive skins. Excellent for sunburned or rosacea prone skin. 60 minutes

Detox Pore Clearing Facial

Encourages the skin to purge, detoxify and cleanse while purifying and rebuilding skin texture. This medicated clearing facial focuses on purifying your skin and will prevent future breakout activity by sloughing off dead skin cells and reducing the sebum that can clog follicles.  It is highly recommended for congested and acne prone skin. Included: deep cleanse, exfoliation and extractions followed by modalities to eliminate bacteria, speed healing of breakouts and reduce scarring. 75 minutes

H2O Hydradermabrasion Facial

Exfoliate, infuse, oxygenate. Hydradermabrasion and pore cleansing with H2O vortex technology, plus a concentrated oxygen and antioxidant infusion. The ultimate in hydration. Perfect treatment to do before a big event!

Deluxe Microdermabrasion Facial

Customized skin treatment with Diamond Microdermabrasion mechanical exfoliation to minimize fine lines, scarring and surface pigmentation. Not suitable for active acne.

Clear Start Tween Facial

This treatment is specialized for teenagers learning about skin care. Includes a consultation and a discussion about starting proper home care. The treatment itself will include as appropriate: cleansing, steam, massage, exfoliation, extractions and mask. Ideal beginner facial for younger ages to teach basic facial skincare and facial cleansing tips which will go hand-in-hand with home care advice. 45 minutes