ProSkin 60 – Customized Dermalogica Facial

The Skin Treatment is customized to your skin’s current needs with a thorough skin analysis, making it a treatment that is different each time you come in! Think of it as your personal routine, created especially for your skin’s needs, right on the spot. This treatment is fully inclusive to deliver your skin’s best health, and involve a combination of professional double cleansing, exfoliation, massage, the latest in facial equipment, extractions, customized masque, toner, serum and sun protection.

ProSkin 30 – Express Facial

This 30 minute treatment will target your main concerns. Quick fix in between your monthly treatments. We can zap a breakout, target dehydration, soothe inflammation and more!

Charcoal Mini-Detox

Detoxify your skin with binchotan charcoal which will absorb impurities, while sulphur dramatically promotes cell turnover for dramatically brighter skin. Not for sensitive skin types.

Vitamin C Age Reversal

Brightening exfoliation, lifting and firming face massage. Brighten, tone, lift and firm the skin with a vitamin packed skin treatment including peptides, AHAs and a high performance, ultra-stable, micro encapsulated vitamin C infusion. This powerful treatment will address the signs of skin aging.

Medibac Pore Clearing Facial

This medicated clearing facial focuses on purifying your skin with a deep cleanse and extractions while helping to prevent future breakouts. It is highly recommended for an acne prone or any problematic skin. Ideally facials should be every 3 weeks to combat the breakouts and for the best results. A lightweight medicated treatment will focus on purifying your skin with deep cleansing, followed by extractions and prevent future breakout activity by sloughing off dead skin cells and reducing the sebum that can clog follicles. Includes high frequency treatment effective for killing bacteria and speeding healing of breakouts and scarring.

Teen Facial

This treatment is specialized for teenagers. Includes a consultation and education to assess factors that may be contributing to acneic conditions. Our  teenage facial aims to educate and start teenage facial skin on the correct regimen. Facial cleansing, facial extractions, facial steam, facial masque and light facial massage. Ideal beginner facial for younger ages to teach basic facial skincare and facial cleansing tips which will go hand-in-hand with facial homecare advice.


This highly potent specialized skin treatment accelerates skin brightening, improves texture and balances skin tone while regulating overactive pigment cells. Our unique combination of advanced exfoliation, penetration technology and active peptide ingredients work to treat and control hyper pigmentation at its core. Includes advanced modalities to penetrate targeted melanin destroying ingredients deeper into the skin. The result? Clearer, smoother, brighter and more evenly toned luminous skin! This treatment can be tailored for ageing, acneic or sensitive skin.